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Sussex 18-18 Staffordshire


10th/11th February 2018

  Sunday 11th February 2018 - A Team Matches

Sussex MA 4-8 Staffordshire MA; MoM: Jim Withers - 27-88 - Full Results

Sussex WA 5-1 Staffordshire WA; LoM: Trish Kidd - 24.24 - Full Results

Saturday 10th February 2018 - B Team Matches

Sussex MB 5-7 Staffordshire MB; MoM: Paul Dickens - 24.68 - Full Results

Sussex WB 4-2 Staffordshire WB; LoM: Donna Rainsley - 23.62 - Full Results


Men's A MOM Jim Withers - 27.88

Ladies A LoM - Trish Kidd - 24.24

Men's B MoM - Paul Dickens - 24.68

Ladies B LoM - Donna Rainsley - 23.62

Highest Division Avg Awards - Casey Gallagher



Photos by Frank Smith


Match Report

  This was Sussex's first home game of 2018 against a very capable Staffordshire outfit. Saturday am. was the start with the women's B. side opening the proceedings with Julia Saldanha up to the oche first who started with a 3-1 (14.63 ) win. followed by a Crystal Woodrow win 3-1 (17.12) there where losses for Denise Peake 2-3 (13-99) and Elaine Chapman 1-3 (13-49) but wins for Laura Macintosh 3-1 (14.70) and a LOM winning performance for Donna Rainsley 3-1 (23.62) give the ladies a fine 4-2 overall win.

Next up where the Mens B. who unfortunately came up against good opponents and lost some close games 7-5.with Sussex winners being Paul Robinson 3-2 (21.15) Adrian Linfield 3-1(24.49) Paul Dickens 3-1(24.68) earning the MOM award, Darren Chapman 3-2 (25.71) and Andy Macintosh 3-1(24.49).

Sunday Morning was the turn of the women's A Team .First up was the very capable Trish Kidd who set the standard with a 3-0 (24-24) Taking the eventual LOM Award. Lisa Withers followed winning a hard fought game 3-1 (14.55), Casey Gallagher was up next and won a close game 3-2(15.98) this was followed by the only loss as Karen Winter succumbed to a 3-1(14.44) defeat, leaving Hayley Gatford to pick up a nervous 3-1 (15-11) win, And the Baby Faced Becky King taking the last game with a win 3-2 (14.66) to leave the total result Sussex Women 6-Staffordshire 1.

MENS A Took to the stage with Jim Withers taking the leading darts and produced a fine 4-2 (27.88) win which earned him the MOM Award. Aegir Bjornsson won the next game with a clinical 4-0 (26.37).Amazingly Sussex lost the next five games leaving the score 5-2 to Staffs. There where losses for Michael Hammond, Dan Bradford, Mick Rodgers, Rod Hawkins and Craig Stoner in some close games. Darren Woolgar had a fine win to ease the pain with a credible 4-1(25.01). Tony Ayers lost to a close game ,And Paul Eves also lost 4-1 to Staffordshire's MOM James Hughes who's ave was an outstanding 32.09. With the overall score standing at a very nervous 16-16. it was down to Andy Derrick (SX) To ply has class but slipped to a very close 4-3 loss, leaving Staffordshire in the driving seat 17-16. With the pressure at boiling point with players and supporters it was down to the last game to see who took the winning honours Jason Yates (SX) Was the last man taking on the talented Stuart Livesley the game was a very tense affair with each player having their moments but in the end the Sussex player came through to the finishing line 4-3( 25.84) including a 140 out shot. Total

Match Score. SUSSEX 18-18 STAFFORDSHIRE. sx-180 tons-62 ton+7-180's. staffs.-155 tons-64 ton+15-180's.

Frank Smith

Assistant Chairman


Kent 17-19 Sussex


20th/21st January 2018

  Sunday 21st January 2018 - A Team Matches

Kent MA 9-3 Sussex MA; MoM: Paul Eves - 25.89 - Full Results

Kent WA 3-3 Sussex WA; LoM: Casey Gallagher - 24.15 - Full Results

Saturday 20th January 2018 - B Team Matches

Kent MB 2-10 Sussex MB; MoM: Adrian Linfield - 25.63 - Full Results

Kent WB 3-3 Sussex WB; LoM: Donna Rainsley - 20.49 - Full Results


Match Report

  Well going into the weekend thinking a draw would be a good result and would suffice to our hopes of consecutive promotions up to Division one.

So Emma Bist comes to the stage for a long awaited debut this season and alas her first county win was not to be losing 3-0 (14-97) 1-0. Lisa withers part of the withers Sussex stalwarts makes it 1-1 with a smart 3-1 win finishing tops all three games. Only missed doubles caused Laura Brown to lose 3-0 with a (15-45). So 2-1 down. Donna Rainsley who has clearly made the Bs a stronger set up and more stable does not let the county with another LOM performance (20.49) so 2 all. Denise Peak in what I think in the form of her county career makes it 3-2 with a steady (16.01) and winning a final leg decider. Disney Dunbar still struggling to get to grips with darts this season stormed into a 2-0 lead then went into meltdown and lost 3-2 (12.34).

So 3 all going into the menís Bs and who would you want to put us in the lead for the first time of weekend than Shaggy Robinson who won 3-1 with a (21-54) but could of been more 4-3 up. Paul Dickens definitely saves his best for county and cosily wins 3-0 with a creditable (24.64) 5-3. Geoff Taylor is having a up and down season unfortunately this was a down losing to the odd leg (18.10) 5-4 up. Graham Harris who puts a lot into darts and showed steady form winning 3-2 after going 2-0 with a respectable (25.11) 6-4 up. Nathan warren playing some good darts of late never let us down also won a deciding leg 7-4 up looking good (22.21). Tony Peters the quite assassin looms in the wings not saying a word also wanted 5 legs to win 8-4 (25.21). Andy Gurr not in the best of form but always puts a shift in showed the confidence has drained slightly. losing 3.1 (18.89) 8-5 up then comes Darren Chapman a drop from the As seemed to do the trick Daz put in a steady performance 4-1 (23-42) 9-5. Harry Jackson needed to win to give us another B win which he did with a comfortable 3-0 win (21.78) 10-5 up and now the cat weasel of Sussex Adrian Linfield who has been an asset to Sussex this season gets his second MOM with (25.63) but pushed to another deciding leg game 11-5 up. Not to be outdone team mate Ray Tutin also finding the drop to the Bs a comfort zone of win also a deciding leg win and a (25.00) . By this time Iím off my nut due to emotional issues of winning. Last on Andy Macintosh wins another deciding leg set (23.50). A great first day 13-5 up cruising to another win or are we ??

Onto the Sunday and the A Team Matches commence.

Haley in fine form in all aspects of her darts just could not find the range losing 3-1 (15-44) 1-0 Kent. Karen a player of experience and still mixing it with the best came up trumps wins 3-1 (18-85) 1-1 14-6 up. Young Casey our million pound transfer during the close season put in a LOM performance 3-1 (24-15) thatís without the guidance of daddy John. 2-1 up. Crystal struggling to hit form in the As of late struggled again only losing 3-2 (15.87) 2-all. Becky moves on to the stage alas succumbs 3-1 (17-64). 3-2 down now Billy the kids sister Trish Kidd storms to the stage shooting from the hip like a gatling gun she smashes her opponent 3-0 (21-47) and a great 164 check out. 3-3 good result.

So going into the As 16-8 up was more than we could expect.

Stoner steps up missed doubles saw him the wrong side of a deciding leg hitting two 180s was not good enough 1-0 (24.98) 16-9. A captains innings was needed and we were not let down Eves plays a solid game. 4-2 (25-89) 17-9. Ammo could not find any rhythm and succumbed to a 4-1 (21-92) 17-10. Ex manager Rod Hawkins comes back after missing the county did not play to anything like his super league results 4-1 (21-97) bet he wished he stayed at home. Ever stable Jason Yates played in and out losing 4-1 (26-28) 17-11. Boom Boom Withers wished he could finish like his lady Lisa losing 4-3 (26.63) 17-12. Rogers stops the rot winning (23.83) 4-1 18-12 one more point for the win. Dan comes on determined to get us the result but missed doubles was a big factor eventually losing 4-2 despite 151 out (24.58) 17-13. Derrick plays a game to be proud of going down 4-3 after taking out 160-123 (28.52) 17-14 sticky bum time. Ex PDC professional Tony Ayers puts in a great performance again Sussex canít get that win point losing again to a deciding leg 4-3 (26-28). Our overseas player Agadir to the sounds of the polish national anthem with determination never been seen before he goes 3-1 up surely this is the point we desire but missed doubles means another 4-3 defeat. Well me not smiling 18-17 needing Woolgar to win for a overall win he proves that it has got what it takes with all his winning legs being under 20 darts he wins to the screaming Sussex players supporters never has he been kissed so much..

Mark Davis

Sussex County Manager


Sussex v Gwynedd


25th/26th November 2017

  Sunday 26th November 2017 - A Team Matches

Sussex MA 7-5 Gwynedd MA; MoM: Jim Withers - 29.79 - Full Results

Sussex WA 5-1 Gwynedd WA; LoM: Trish Kidd - 23.12 - Full Results

Saturday 25th November 2017 - B Team Matches

Sussex MB 8-4 Gwynedd MB; MoM: Adrian Linfield - 30.06 - Full Results

Sussex WB 5-1 Gwynedd WB; LoM: Donna Rainsley - 22.93 - Full Results


Mens B MoM Adrian Linfield - 30.06

Ladies A LoM Trish Kidd - 23.12

Mens A MoM Jim Withers - 29.79

Karen Wilson-West - 25 Appearances

Craig Stoner - 25 Appearances



Photos by Frank Smith

  This was the first meeting between the two promoted sides from last season and on paper it looked as if it would be a close encounter as our draw with them last time out suggested.

The Ladies B. Team started the ball rolling on the first day and were soon in their stride with Donna Rainsley opening the days play and setting the bench mark with a winning score of 3-1 (22.93 ) and eventually taking the LOM. award. Next up was Laura Macintosh who also took a fine win with  a 3-1 ( 16.25 ) .There were further wins for Disney Dunbar 3-1 ( 16.16 ) ,Lisa Withers 3-0 ( 12.74 ) ,and Denise Peake 3-1 ( 16.11 ) unfortunately Karen Wilson-West was the only loss for the home side but the ladies finished with a sound performance winning 5-1.

On to the MEN'S B. Team with Andy Gurr starting the proceedings and getting off the mark with a 3-1 ( 21.76 ) win. Next up to the Oche was Tony Peters making his first appearance of the season and didn't disappoint winning 3-0 ( 23.86 ) .There was a fine win for seasoned veteran Geoff Taylor with a credible 3-1 ( 27.68 ) other winners were Ray Tutin 3-2 (19.66 ) Luke Hardy 3-0 (20.31) Paul Robinson 3-0  (23.12 ) Paul Dickens 3-2 ( 25.23 ) also a Quality performance  and earning the MOM. award was Adrian Linfield winning 3-0 ( 30.06 ). which made the final score 8-4 to Sussex ,Thus making the total first day's score Sussex 13 Gwynedd  5.

Sunday's play started once again with the turn of the LADIES A ,team Captain Rhonda West Buoyant by her B teams result the previous day was excited to see what was to unfold. First on stage was Hayley Gatford who had a tough match but came out winning 3-2 ( 16.59 ) next up was our new signing this season Casey Gallagher who wasn't at her supreme best but strolled to a confident 3-0 ( 21.47 ) Win. This was followed by Trish Kidd who took the LOM. award with a 3-0 ( 23-12 ) win. There were further wins for Karen Winter 3-2 ( 19-94 ) and Becky King 3-1 ( 15.58 ) Total score 5-1 to Sussex.

Spurred on by the Ladies Performances it was time for the MEN'S A. team who new that Gwynedd had some Quality players to come up against, and it proved that point as Gwynedd raced into a 0-2 lead. Shaking but not stirred Sussex's Michael Hammond got the ball rolling and pulled it back to 1-2 with a 4-0 ( 24.44 ) win. This was followed by a 4-3 ( 28.22 ) and good win for Dan Bradford. Having drawn level and some exciting darts to come Captain Paul Eves gained a 4-0 ( 23.86 ) win. There were further wins for Darren Woolgar 4-2 ( 23.35 ) Jason Yates 4-0 ( 24.74 ) Aegir Bjornsson 4-3 ( 22.78 ) and Jim Withers with a MOM. Award winning 4-2 ( 29.79 ) Against Welsh International Martin Phillips. score Sussex 7 - 5 Gwynedd. This making the overall match score SUSSEX 25-11 GWYNEDD.  

There were 158 tons,52 ton+,and 13 180's, Achieved by Sussex....And 156 tons, 37 ton+, and 5 180's achieved by Gwynedd.

  Frank Smith  
  Assistant Chairman  

Sussex 30-6 Northumberland


14th/15th October 2017




Photos by Frank Smith

  First of all I would like to thank the Northumberland team for making the gallant effort with a depleted team full credit to there management to raise a team with days to go. On to the weekend and how we put together another great result even though facing a depleted team you still have to put the points on the board and we done that in no uncertain way.

First on was the rejuvenated Hayley who smashed josh Langridge on Wednesday night Super league. Hayley never bought that form to the board but still managed a 3-0 win (12-96). The Captain Rhonda back from her near death experience avoiding Hurricanes in America came into the team alas no Hurricane on the stage she lost 3-2 (12-00). At one all Lisa started like she had the bad back but then started finding the spot winning 3-1 (16-50) 2-1 up. Julia was unfortunate to lose by the deciding leg after missing doubles (14-82) 2-2. So up stands Laura and wins with determination, maybe a slight smile, wins a deciding leg thriller (15-42) 3-2. Who else would you want on stage to give us all the points than our own Donna and let us down she doesn't a LOM performance (19-27). So another good performance from the Women B's.

Onto the men's Bs we go. Paul Dickens seemed a man on a mission and smashes a mom (28-90) 1-0. Ray Tutin dropped down to the Bs and got his first county win played better than the (21-47) average suggested. 2-0. Adrian Linfield makes it 3-0 and two out of two county wins (20-89). Andy Macintosh MOM last time now on the stool as our only loser in the Bs losing 3-1 (23-65 ) He's now in re-hab under the guidance of Charles Bronson, all expenses paid by Sussex. Paul Robinson walks up to the stage fuming with Andy's performance and determined to put things right. Hair like a burning hay stack he wins 3-0 (26-37) jumps off the stage giving Mac the finger. 4-1. Harry Jackson one of our rising Sussex stars continues the rout winning 3-0 (22-43). Luke Hardy another star of future takes his disappointment of dropping to the Bs out on his opponent 3-0 (23-12). Connor Levett no tears this time only jubilation 3-0 (19-27) a lot more if he banged the doubles out. Andy Gurr sporting the rough look and looking like compo whacks in (20-83). I think that might be his sixth win on the spin he's not mentioned it. Geoff Taylor old Sussex stalwart makes it two wins on the trot not dropping a leg (21-17). Dave Creasey seems to be settling in better and coming back to form sees off his man 3-0 (23-48). Last but not least Graham Chopper Harris, why chopper I don't know but a convincing 3-1 win including a 15 dart leg (21-05).

The first day finished and Sussex 15-3 what more could a manager want must be one for the history books so proud of everyone.

With a 15-3 lead we needed to keep the pressure on.

Karen Winter playing not her usual game lost 3-0 only hitting one ton (16-74) 1-0. Becky King comes to the oche throws a confident game (19-33) including a 116 Finnish star of the future 1-1. Trish Kidd always a pivotal part of our vocal support at any county match comes to the stage and puts a LOM performance in winning 3-0 (20-04) 2-1. Crystal Woodrow trying to find a bit of form from last season gets her first win of the season 3-0 (15-99) 3-1. Casey Gallagher our LOM last game could not get her game together and missed doubles were her undoing but a respectable (17-64) and a 3-1 win gave Sussex the win in this section 4-2. Disney Dunbar was unable to win against a very good player Ann Marie Potts who was lady of the weekend (22-77) going down 3-0 (15-66) but what a result 4-2 and unbeaten.

With the Men looking stronger in the As for this game and me calling the first three games good times to come so we thought. Aegir Bjornsson the tobacco chewing Icelandic reject did not really turn up losing 4-0 (23-42). Jason Yates up for his first game of the season was very meticulous and put a point on the board 4-0 (26-27) 1-1. Dan Bradford came out on top of a deciding leg shoot out feeling relieved and waving to his mum as he left the stage 2-1 (27-20). Darren Woolgar was out of sorts with his doubles but wins (18-56). Craig Stoner stomps onto the stage puts another great performance in wins 4-0 not a leg over 20 darts and MOM (29-47). Darren Chapman showed signs of some of the form shown at Superleague and wins 4-3 with a ( 22-44). Andy Derrick looking like he was playing in a sauna and standing in puddles of sweat moping his brow not as consistent as normal wins another thriller (22-36). Capitan Paul Eves Grinded and dug deep to make it 7-1 another 4-3 result going our way (23-46). Jim Withers after rehab at Stoke Mandeville Hospital (Sussex private health care) and being delivered onto the helicopter pad on top of Club Cue with Lisa baying come on boom boom. He doesn't let us down all you hear is boom boom boom boom no pub darts today (28-23). Mick Rogers also BOOMS in a more intense game but managing to win another thriller by the odd leg (26-13). Tony Ayres, smiler to his mates, puts in another steady performance, with the noise of the Helicopter taking Jim (Lisa pleading we need to go back boom boom) back to Stoke, smashes a convincing 4-0 ( 25-69). On to the last game of the day and Ammo not happy with Boom Boom wants his own piece of the action and serves it up winning 4-1 and taking Sussex onto one of biggest successes ever in there history (23-58).

I would like to say a big thank you to all the top table for there help over the weekend.

Mark Davis
Sussex County Manager


Cumbria 16-20 Sussex


16th/17th September 2017

  Men's A MoM: Mick Rodgers - 28.88 Ladies A LoM: Casey Gallagher - 24.12  
  Men's B MoM: Andy Macintosh - 26.45 Ladies B LoM: Hayley Gatford - 17.28  

Photos by Frank Smith

  After various problems with people not being able to make the 800 mile round trip, with a new captain in Paul Eves, Rhonda away, problems were very frequent running up to the our trip to Cumbria and with only one reserve for each squad I felt very apprehensive to wake up Friday looking at the phone with the dread of anyone pulling out.

But not to be. My world falls apart 60 miles into the trip as I get the message that one of the most influential, cheerful always happy, never moaning, one of Sussex's greats Jimmy Withers has pulled out due to back problems putting a sock on! I get straight on the phone ready to persuade, but alas with Jim not being able to get off the bed and in immense pain waiting for paramedics to turn up with the air ambulance en route. So without Jim we have no Lisa his adorable wife probably a bigger miss. 

After consulting with the captain we come up with a scenario which we believe to be our best option for the weekend. 

So comes Saturday morning Lara Dene waiting with trepidation in full regalia to play, our injured Bridget stood in to make up the team. Lara relieved but not as relieved as me. With five debutants making up the team a bit of apprehension was still there, more nervous than my playing days. 

First game on comes our chairlady Elaine Chapman who never quite got to her best losing 3-0 (13-48). Denise Peake played well but doubles were to be her undoing (13-31) so 2-0 down. Things was not looking pretty. On comes Hayley Gatford who lately has been putting a bit more into darts and so it showed with a steady LOM performance hitting a nice (17.28). Our first game on the board 2-1. Our little Jules Saldana comes to the oche and makes it 2 all (14-41) and our late call up lady Laura Brown puts a solid performance winning 3-0 (14-18). Special thanks for making the trip at late notice to her. So 3-2 up from 2-0 down a great performance all ready so proud the one arm bandit strapped up looking like a mummy hobbles to the stage with shouts of it's your arm that is broken not your leg, she straightens up, she didn't really but sounds good. Well to all our delight she hits our second highest average (15-10) but unfortunately losing 3-1. Three all was a great result well done girls brilliant. 

We come to what was one of our strongest points in our promotion last season the Bs

First on was Adrian Linfield who on his debut put in a steady performance more than his average looked (21-17) winning 3-0. Geoff Taylor one of the most dedicated Sussex players playing with determination as always and his best performance for a while wins a nail biter 3-2 (24-27). Young Harry Jackson came to the stage hitting a respectable (23-70) was not enough losing 3-1. Ken Sowerby returning to his place of birth and staying sober to help his adoptive county. Unfortunately not to be losing with (21-78) so 2 each Paul Dickens one of our stars from last season steps in with a 3-1 win (22-80) 3-2 up. IT expert and newest committee member Andy Macintosh asks for directions to the stage, once there he becomes an animal with a (26-45) MoM performance. Dave Creasey mini bus driver plays exceptionally but double troubles puts the 'brakes' on his performance losing with a (23-26). Next came the teacher and debut making Nathan Warren, who dug in won a deciding leg great stuff (20-25). 5-3 up needing one for the draw up comes Agadir Bjornsson our over sea signing known as the ton machine gets the draw with a (24-68) framurskarandi arangur. Then on walks gobby Andy Gurr. After hitting an 18 average in Superleague and promptly sending an inbox announcing his resignation, which would of been accepted, but not enough players. To everyones amazement he wins his fifth game on the trot for county (22-07). 7-3 up and cruising. The rejuvenation of Graham Harris is spectacular and starts off like Phil Taylor. Unfortunately he finishes like Andy Gurr but still wins (24-40) 8-3 up. Last on Young Connor Levett showing maturity beyond his years only to miss out on the deciding leg but with an impressive (25-89). 8-4 win and another great performance well done.

Into the second day with a 11-7 lead I'm now pretty confident of a good result.

First on was Disney Dunbar. Unfortunately couldn't carry over the form of last season and loses 3-1 (17-55). Our recent signing Casey Gallagher who previously played Sussex Youth now comes into the senior squad and a great debut was had winning with a (24-12) winning 3-1 LOM and Divisional award winner 1-1. Still a 4pt lead and into the fray comes Karen Winter and as always a strong performance makes it 2-1 (18-41). The gobby one introduces herself to the crowd as she makes the stage not in the form as last season but still good enough to win 3-1(19-15). So the draw was in the bag and the win was not far away with youth captain Becky King winning 3-1 (17-14) and the win was achieved 4-1. Crystal Woodrow was on six sadly did not play as she can unfortunately came out the wrong side of a 3-1 defeat. A 4-2 win put us 6pts clear.

15-9 up now onto to Men's As.

Luke Hardy was first up and looked way out of sorts could not get it going (18-85). Dan Bradford also was not his self and fortunately scraped a last leg decider (21-68) 1-1. On comes a man who many regard as Mr County consistent, Andy Derrick who with a (26-93) and makes it 2-1. Ray Tutin who I asked to move from the Bs to As showed slight nerves which obviously affected loses 4-2 (22-86). Ammo played a stormer very consistent scoring against a good player and deservedly coming out on top 4.3 (25.07). Darren Woolgar who has earned his A team place back didn't let anyone down and but for a few missed doubles would of been a lot closer (26-07). So three all with six games left 6 points up. Paul Eves another player who has fought his way back into the As unfortunately coming into a 4-0 defeat by a in form MoM Colin Hargreaves with a superb 30.80 was to much for a solid (25-83) from Paul. Craig stoner makes it 4-4 with another great performance solid has always normally misses out to last leg decider this time puts his man away 4-2. Sick note Paul Robinson has not been in the best form recently plays awesome and apart from five darts at 6s and another two in another leg a game he deserved to win but a good game (26-55). So 5-4 down here comes the Icelandic Viking. Agadir Bjornsson promoted from the Bs and always confident but it was not to be (25-74). Up next, my player of the season last year and continues to not let the side down with a MoM (28-88) Mick Rogers so now 6-5 and a lot to ask a debutant to get the draw so up steps the likeable Darren Chapman and nerves showed in the first two legs after that came more into his own but unfortunately loses 4-2 (23-12).

So 7-5 loss but a 20-16 win considering the 10-14 hour journey, a great result more to come.  I would like to thank all the committee players supporters for the great support. Team spirit lots better well done all.

Mark Davis

Sussex County Manager.


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