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Cornwall v Sussex

Sunday 2nd March 2019 - A Team Matches
  Score Score         Match Sheet
Cornwall MA 6 6 Sussex MA       Full Results
Cornwall WA 5 1 Sussex WA       Full Results
Saturday 3rd March 2019 - B Team Matches
  Score Score         Match Sheet
Cornwall MB 8 4 Sussex MB       Full Results
Cornwall WB 5 1 Sussex WB       Full Results


London v Sussex

Sunday 24th February 2019 - A Team Matches
  Score Score         Match Sheet
London MA 4 8 Sussex MA       Full Results
London WA 2 4 Sussex WA       Full Results
Saturday 23rd February 2019 - B Team Matches
  Score Score         Match Sheet
London MB 8 4 Sussex MB       Full Results
London WB 6 0 Sussex WB       Full Results


Sussex v Gwent

Sunday 10th February 2019 - A Team Matches
  Score Score         Match Sheet
Sussex MA 7 5 Gwent MA       Full Results
Sussex WA 3 3 Gwent WA       Full Results
Saturday 9th February 2019 - B Team Matches
  Score Score         Match Sheet
Sussex MB 7 5 Gwent MB       Full Results
Sussex WB 2 4 Gwent WB       Full Results


Cambridgeshire v Sussex

Sunday 20th January 2019 - A Team Matches
  Score Score         Match Sheet
C'bridge MA 7 5 Sussex MA       Full Results
C'bridge WA 4 2 Sussex WA       Full Results
Saturday 19th January 2019 - B Team Matches
  Score Score         Match Sheet
C'bridge MB 7 5 Sussex MB       Full Results
C'bridge WB 3 3 Sussex WB       Full Results


Sussex v Devon

Sunday 2nd December 2018 - A Team Matches
  Score Score         Match Sheet
Sussex MA 9 3 Devon MA       Full Results
Sussex WA 2 4 Devon WA       Full Results
Saturday 1st December 2018 - B Team Matches
  Score Score         Match Sheet
Sussex MB 4 8 Devon MB       Full Results
Sussex WB 0 6 Devon WB       Full Results


Dorset v Sussex

Sunday 14th October 2018 - A Team Matches
Dorset MA 6-6 Sussex MA; MoM: Tony Ayres 30.90
Dorset WA 3-3 Sussex WA; LoM: Casey Gallagher 24.74
Saturday 13th October 2018 - B Team Matches
Dorset MB 7-5 Sussex MB; MoM: Dan Bradford 26.10
Dorset WB 4-2 Sussex  WB; LoM: Denise Peake 17.28


Sussex v Oxfordshire

Sunday 16th September 2018 - A Team Matches
Sussex MA 6-6 Oxfordshire MA; MoM: Mick Rodgers 28.84
Sussex WA 3-3 Oxfordshire WA; LoM: Casey Gallagher 25.91
Saturday 15th September 2018 - B Team Matches
Sussex MB 8-4 Oxfordshire MB; MoM: Paul Eves 25.06
Sussex WB 4-2 Oxfordshire  WB; LoM: Kelly Ryan 17.23

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Match Report.

  After being promoted the last two seasons and with many new faces and committee many changes on the top table.

I was very apprehensive on how well we could do being in Division One but adulation was soon to come and beyond our wildest dreams a win was well deserved against Oxfordshire who only just failed to reach the Premier last season. So onto the match..

Kelly Ryan comes back to county for reasons I donít know ? But the fashion icon from Eastbourne gets our 2018 season off with a great point also LOM 17-23 winning 4-1. Then our leader chairwoman Elaine Chapman with hair flowing steps onto the stage to the tune leader of the pack but unfortunately loses to the odd leg 16-13. Sussex stalwart Jules Saldana says Iím going to put this right and she did winning 3-2 (13-92 ) 2-1 up. Claire king blondie to the fans gets her chance and does she take it with a credible (17-12) odd leg success 3-1. Then the youngster Disney Dunbar comes to the stage hoping and praying that she is the player to win the points for Sussex and she does with a convincing 3-0 (16-89) 4-1. Teresa Weir after her stint in summer boot camp to lose an incredible 4-5 stone fairly floats to the stage but she loses 3-1 (13-56) obviously not be able to give the weight away.
But wow we won 4-2 what a fantastic start and may I say well done to Lisa Withers doing a fantastic job of motivating the players.

Darren Chapman as the bronze Adonis just back from holiday obviously paid dividends winning 4-3 in the new best of 7 set up (24-73). CHOPPER Harris for obvious reasons and a total 100% player wins another deciding leg (23-17) and quickly changes flights so he can play at Dorset. Geoff Taylor back bone of Sussex wins 4-2 with a (20-54) 3-0 up and will be happy with a point for Sussex Adrian Linfield solemnly strolls up to music that would wake the dead and so it proved losing 4-0 (21-13) so 3-1. Connor Levett who for me has grown in stature in the last few months wins 4-0 (21-78) more to come Iím sure. Lee Jennings who comes back after a season another point goes up 4-1 (22-94) 5-1 UTS. Tony Peters starts off like heís playing with his other arm but class prevails and plays like he can 4-1 (24-80). The meerkat Paul Eves captain excel puts in a performance only he can explain lol 4-2 (25-06 ) mom great stuff captaino. Mr Bradford lost a bit of form of late but his determination sees him win a decisive leg (19-99). Nathan warren the quite man of the squad plays well hitting 11 tons but unfortunately not his day losing 4-2  (23-20). Kevin Fishwick never got into a stride loses 4-2 (21-11). Tim pierce never produced nothing like the form he has been producing in super league losing 4-2 ( 21-80).

So Sussex leading day one 12-6 more than happy.

So going into the second day Lisa Withers nervously takes to the stage with James near to tears of pride but unfortunately Lisa could not find the form shown over the last few months loses 3-0 (14-49) leaves the stage to the inconsolable James bleating pub darts. Casey Gallagher our record transfer last season two JDs packet of crisps and with an ambience of love stepped onto the stage and finally put in a performance worthy of Sussex smashing a (25-91) 3-0 levelling the ladies 1-1. Becky king after going teetotal for the last 12 hours in preparation steadies herself onto to the stage with a plume of a lady many years her age wins 3-1 (16-80). Denise Peake the quite assassin of the team could not take any form into this game playing with a nervousness of being locked in a room with boom boom withers loses 3-0 (12-45). Crystal Woodrow v Deta Hedman world no 1 with everyone expecting a Hedman walk over Crystal was not having any of it and competed in every leg but eventually losing 3-0 (24-89) 3-2 down. So Hayley Gatford looking at her adoring fiancť TP screaming I will do this for you baby now get me a drink as TP meekly walks to the bar gazing at his beloved under the lights of the stage. Can Hayley get the point YES YES a 3-3 draw 3-2 (16-45) another great start by the ladies proud of you all.

Can the men finally gel? first up Ammo always supremely confident misses doubles in vital legs to lose out on this occasion 4-3 (26-90). Gordon Ramsey Rogers smelling of hash browns and bacon walks from the kitchen meat cleaver in hand. It duly works as he wins 4-1 (28-84) mom performance. Shaggy Robinson with his ginger roots showing took it all the way and taking 112 out while your opponent is sitting on a double pure class (25-34). Will Stoner ever win a decider ?? NO he loses out again in another great game (28-26). Joe Davis after showing the youth players how to do shots at the bar with ease found shots on the dartboard much more harder but winning 4-3 (24-96). Andy Mac can he emulate the blond bombshell in the audience? oh yes he can winning 4-2 (23-81) with screams o thatís my man falls into the arms of blondie too many buds. Agadir to his usual party piece music could not dance to the tune when needed losing 4-0 (23-49). Rod Hawkeye Hawkins played like he only one eye going down 4-0 (25-59) bet that practice board is being pounded as I write. Smiler T Man Ayres looking as he walks up on stage for Hawkeye missing eye puts in a two eyed performance winning 4-2 (27-23). Boom Boom withers charges onto stage in full battle dress a commando roll ends with the words whereís HAWKINS eye but as always another sound game (27-29) 4-2. Jason Yates has heís opponent in all sorts of problems but just could finish him off losing a deciding leg (25-97). Andy Derrick the same could be said as before losing decider (24-03) missed chances.

So over all a 21-15 win shows how far Sussex has come in such a short time.

More of the same in Dorset up the Sussex

Mark Davis


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