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Middlesex v Sussex Youth

Sunday 25th September saw the start of the County Youth Season and Sussex had an away trip to Middlesex. One of the main changes for this season is in the U18s, with the number of players cut from 9 to 7 and each game changed from best of 3 to best of 5. We also have a few additions to the team for the coming season. In the U18's we have Dan Perry, Dennis Bowyer, and Brandon Dickens who sadly couldn't make it and for the U21's Lewis Barcley joins the team.

First up for the U18's was Freddie Jackson who arguably had one of the toughest games being first on not only for the day but of the season and he truly obliged with a great 3-0 win and an impressive 20.04 average. Next we had our first debutant, Mr Dan Perry. Another tough game that must have seemed even tougher for Dan, playing his first game for his new team. It turned into a real good battle as Dan went off into a 2-0 lead but his opponent, Owen Cuthbert, playing in his first County game, came back strongly to make it 2-2. In the end experience showed and Dan won 3-2 with an average of 19.98 average.

Next on was Alex Gurr winning 3-0 with a 22-10 followed by Tavis Dudeney who dropped the only other leg of the U18's match, winning 3-1 with an 18.88 average.

Next up was debutant Dennis Bowyer winning 3-0 with a 17.28 average, followed by Zach Luke winning 3-0 with a 15.34 average and in the final game, the new U18's captain, Lewis Gurney, doing a captains job with a MoM 3-0 win and a brilliant 25-47.

After a great demolition job by the U18's we only needed one more win for the overall fixture win. That job was left to lady's captain Becky King who also had the extra pressure of kicking off a championship defending season but as normal, Becky took it in her stride winning 2-0 and taking the LoM award with an 18-22 average. PJ Langridge with a 9.45 but sadly we lost our first game of the day with Jenny Lovegrove going down 2-0 with a 6-96. So a great 2-1 win for the girls making the overall score 9-1.

Then we had the U21's and as we had included Lewis Barcley in the draw and he didn't make it to the venue we gave them the first game but to give a game we put in our spare, U18 Jack Croft, who played really well but lost 3-1 with a 15.79 average. After that we didn't look back and won the remaining 4 games with wins for Tommy Sykes playing his first U21's game winning 3-0 with a 16.70, then Jake Emery with a 3-0 MoM award winning 23.48 average. George Penning then won 3-0 with a 21.47 and finally Tom Telford 3-1 with an 18.60.

A very impressive 13-2 start to the season and I've got a feeling this wasn't a one off as we have (1), a very good squad and (2), a brilliant team morale. This is going to be a very good season.

Dave Dudeney

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