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Sussex v Middlesex Youth

Sunday 26th February saw Middlesex visit Clubcue for the start of the second half of season. After a brilliant first half of the season it was important to keep heads and minds focused and keep the good run going. To kick the day off it was Freddie Jackson who had the pleasure of the first game and put in a solid performance running out a 3-0 winner with a 12-96. Next up was Dan Perry who didn't disappoint again winning 3-0 with a 16-70. Alex Gurr kept his brilliant run of form this season yet again putting in MOM 3-0 win with a 21-47. Keeping the perfect start going and clinching the U18s section, Lewis Gurney won 3-0 with a 16-26. Next was Dennis Bowyer who put in a brilliant battling performance but went down 3-2 with a 20-81. Both players played brilliantly and better than the average suggests as under pressure both players struggled with doubles in the deciding leg but it earned Dennis the Performance of the Day award. Zack Luke was next and was unlucky because although he played well he went down 3-0 because he couldn't buy a double which we all know far too well. Concluding the U18s was Tavis Dudeney who after a shaky first leg run out a 3-1 winner with a 16-81.

Next was the girls and back to a full team and trying to get over the disappointment of their first defeat away to Hampshire last time out. First up was Becky King who struggled slightly but managed to win and get LOM with a 2-1, 13-45 win, next was Jenny Lovegrove who had her chances but just couldn't get that all important double and lost 2-0 with a 8.29. Finally, up stepped PJ Langridge who like Jenny played well but couldn't get that dreaded double and lost 2-0 with a 9-86.

So, with it finely poised at 6-4 overall it was up to the U21s to keep their good run of form going and to keep the teams 100% record intact. First up was Jake Emery who got us off the perfect start batting hard to win 3-2 with a 18-02. That was followed by Connor Levett who stormed into a 2-0 lead then just missed out on winning 3-0 and as it turned out was the pivotal point in the game as it gave his opponent the momentum to claw his way back and sadly Connor went down 3-2 with a 19-96. Next was Chris Lovegrove making his debut in the U21s in his last season who stayed with his opponent all the time but like what seemed the theme of the day and struggled on the doubles and lost 3-1 with a 10-64. Still needing that one game for the overall result and to give the U21s the chance of victory it was captain Harry Jackson to get us back on track and he didn't disappoint winning 3-1 with a MOM 22-09. So, with the team win in the bag it was down to George Penning to secure the win for the U21s and like Harry did the business winning 3-0 with a 20-31.

So, another great victory in the bag and with our friends from Surrey getting a brilliant win against Kent, if we keep our minds on the job in hand it's looking to be a very good season.

Dave Dudeney

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