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Sussex v Essex

  Sunday 18th March saw us home to Essex who were out for revenge after our victory at thereís so we were ready for a battle.

After passing the first challenge of getting everyone there due to the South of England having a covering of snow it was time for the Darts to commence and what a game to start with. Alex Gurr v Jacob Kelly and they didnít disappoint Jacob going in to a 2-0 lead for Alex then to come back to win 3-2 with a MOM 23-41. Next up was Lewis Gurney who won 3-0 with a 19-03. That was followed by Tavis Dudeney who lost his first game of the season 3-1, 23-11 to Jamie Peetoom who was there MOM with a 26-45. Jack Croft got us back to winning ways, winning 3-0 with a 18-79. Dan Perry who because of other commitments was playing his last game of the season who sadly couldnít finish his season on a winning note loosing 3-1 to Adam Howard with a 19-83. Next was Anthony Smith who lost 3-1 with a 17-04. For the final game sadly Essex only had six players so they played one of there reserve U21 players so that Sam Lock could make his debut which he took in his stride winning 3-2 with a 15-10 and the Performance Of The Day award.

So with the U18s result in the bag it was the turn of the girls and to get us underway was Ashleigh Turner who put in a good performance just missing out 3-2 with a 18-32. Thatís was followed by Angelica who was making her debut but sadly lost 3-0 with a 12-66. Finally also making her debut was Emma Wapshott who like with the U18s played a game for her average as Essex only had two girls and although she lost 3-0 she hit some very good scores and run her opponent close so was deservedly awarded the LOM award.

So with the overall score delicately poised at 5-5 it was the turn of the U21s and to kick us Of was Freddie Jackson who didnít get us off to the best of starts going down 3-1. Next was Dan Green who had a good old slog coming though on top winning 3-2. That was followed by Connor Levett who also had a good scrap but sadly going down 3-2. Harry Jackson as normal done a Captains job winning 3-1. So with the U21s score at 4-4 and the overall score at 7-7 it was down to Dennis Bowyer to bring home the result was involved in one of those game that swung one way then the other and Denis hit ton plus scores at crucial times and came out a 3-2 winner with a MOM 25-71 to preserve our 100% record.

Dave Dudeney


Surrey v Sussex

  Sunday the 25th February saw us travel to our friends at Surrey for an enjoyable and hopefully successful day.
As normal the day started with the Under 18s and to kick off proceedings was a very interesting pairing of Tyler Radlett and Jack Seymour. Luckily for Tyler, Jack was recovering from two days of celebrating his 18th Birthday and lost 3-1 with a 22-49. Next up was Anthony Smith who is setting in very well, kept his winning run going with a 17-08, 3-0 win. Then it was the turn of Captain Lewis Gurney who won 3-1 with a 16-15. Tavis Dudeney kept the winning run going, winning 3-0 with a 19-63. Next up was Alex Gurr fresh from his international call up with a 3-0, 20-88 win. So with the victory in the bag next up was Jack Croft who got back to winning ways with a 16-13, 3-1 win. Well as they say save the best till last all be it by 0.01. Dan Perry getting the MOM award by winning 3-1 with a 20-89.

So with the U18s win safely in the bag it was time for the girls and first up was Captain PJ Langridge who sadly couldnít get the girls off to a winning start going down 3-1 with a 12-05. Next up was Ashleigh Turner who gave the girls a fighting chance by winning 3-0 with a LOM 10-29. So with it finely poised at 1-1 it was down to Jenny Lovegrove to get the win but unfortunately she lost 3-0 with a 8-49.
So with the team one win away from victory and the U21s looking for a 4-1 win to go top of there section it was down to Captain Harry Jackson to get them off to the start they needed to which he comfortably done with a 21-01 3-1 win. So with the team win done next was Connor Levett who won 3-1 with a 20-88. That was followed up by Freddie Jackson who finally put in the Performance we know heís capable of, winning 3-0 with a MOM 23-86 which included a 142 and a 2 Dart 95 finish. That was followed by Dennis Bowyer who won 3-1 with a 23-81. Finally it was Dan Green who was still looking for his first Sussex win. After a couple of times racing off to a 2-0 lead only to not being able to get over the winning line but today he managed to finally put that final piece of the jig saw together and finally get that winning double winning 3-0 with a 20-88 and earning him the Performance Of The Day award.

Just before the U21s games we played 5 reserve games 2x U18s, 2x Girls, and 1x U21. Because of time they all played a 1 leg of 701. Sam Lock played his very first game who played very impressively just losing with a 19-42, Billy Collins lost with a 12-25, Emma Wapshott who was at her very first County game won with a 15-58, Angelica Wheeler playing her second game won with a 14-91, and finally Joe Davis making his return winning with a 33-38 which probably explained the Performance Of The U21s.

So with another impressive team win under our belts we are all now looking forward to our next game which is home to Essex.

Dave Dudeney


Sussex v Kent

  Sunday 28th January saw Sussex Youth playing there first game of 2018 Home to Kent hoping to keep the fantastic unbeaten run in tact.

First up Dan Perry for the Under 18s looking to keep his good run of form going. This could of been a tricky one against the very talented Myles Avery but Dan played great to kick us off with a 3-1 win with a 23-67. Next up captain Lewis Gurney who won 3-0 with a 20-88 that was followed up by another great win for Anthony Smith who seems to be setting in very well now and improving all the time winning 3-2 with a 16-35. Next was Jack Croft who got that dreaded double trouble problem. Jack played really well and scoring well but unfortunately could not buy a double and sadly lost 3-0 with a 13-46. Next up to get us back to winning ways was Jack Seymour which is hard to believe with the walk on music he has but despite that he managed to win 3-0 with a respectable 22-10. So with another win in the bag for the U18s it was the turn of Alex Gurr who hit a 180 on his was way to a MOM 3-0 win with a very impressive 25-91. Finely it was Tavis Dudeney to round off and brilliant team performance winning his game 3-1 with a 21-80.

So with the under18s result under wraps it was the turn of the girls to try and keep there own little run of form going with Jenny Lovegrove kicking off things with a gusty LOM Performance fighting back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 with a 9-66. Next was Ashleigh Turner who just could not get over the line with those doubles and sadly lost 3-0 with a 12-14. Finally captain PJ Language hoping to get the win for the girls but again but sadly lost 3-1 with a 14-35.

Final the Under21s and to get them under way was captain Harry Jackson who always likes to try and get the best out of his players by setting a high standard and today was no different by setting the bar very high by getting MOM 3-2 win with a 23-66. Next being moved up to the U21s from 18s was Freddie Jackson who understandably put in a nervy performance and lost 3-1 with a 18-56. Next was another U18 playing for the 21s who also went down 3-1 with a 23-26 against a impressive opponent who had a 26-52. So it was up to Dennis Bowyer to get us back to winning ways which he done impressively hitting 2 180s on his way to a 3-1 win with a 21-97. So with the score poised at 2-2 it was the turn of Connor Levett to get the win which he did winning 3-0 with a 21-17 earning him the Performance Of The Day award.

We had two debutante's playing reserve games who both seeing it was there first time ever on the County stage in front of people done very well indeed. First was Angelica Wheeler who had to play one of there U18 boys and scored very well but lost 2-0 with a 13-58 and Billy Collins who again played very well loosing 2-1. Unfortunately because the computer froze will playing the last leg so didnít get an average.

So with a impressive 10- 5 victory we are very much looking forward to the second half of the season.

Dave Dudeney


London v Sussex

  Our last game of the year took us to a snowy Plumstead to face London in another tough game for the Sussex Youth Team.

Alex Gurr got us under way with a 3-0 win (16-16). That was followed by a brilliant man of the match display from Jack Seymour winning 3-1 with an impressive 27-66 average. Tavis Dudeney kept the winning start going winning 3-0 with a 23-86. So with one more win needed to make it an unbeaten year for the U18s, it was down to Lewis Gurney to do the job which he done winning 3-0 with a 22-77.

So with victory in the bag it was Anthony Smith try to keep the winning run going which he done 3-0 (17-08). Jack Croft kept his 100%start to the season winning 3-1 (16-65). Jack was up against 8 year old Leo Gaffney who not only took a leg but also hit a couple of ton plus scores, definitely a star for the future and we took the unusual step of awarding a player of our opponents the Performance Of The Day award because we thought he deserved it. Finally for the U18s was Dan Perry who made it a clean sweep winning 3-0 with a 21-47.

Next up was the Girls, leading the way was Jenny Lovegrove who although played really well just couldnít hit those magical doubles and went down 3-0 with a 11-30. Next up PJ Langridge who battled well and come through winning 3-2 with a 13-59. Finally was Ashleigh Turner who also had hard fight but came out on top with a Lady Of The Match 3-2, 16-16 win.

So on to the U21s first up making his 50th appearance for Sussex was Connor Levett who made it a winning 50th appearance 3-0 with a 23-12. That was followed by Dan Green who was moved up from the 18s to the 21s stormed into a 2-0 lead but was pegged back and sadly lost 3-2 with a 22-92.
Cavern Crash Philips Transferred from Glamorgan to make his debut for Sussex and after a shaky start came through 3-1 with a 21-40.

So with one more win needed for a clean sweep Harry Jackson stepped up with a great Man Of The Match Performance winning 3-1 with a 26-88. Finally Dennis Bowyer stepped up but sadly lost 3-1 with a 22-56.

So brings down the curtain on a fantastic 2017 which has seen the U18s and the Sussex Team being unbeaten, both Under 18s and U21s being Crowned Champion Of Champions, Alex Gurr getting his England call up, and Tavis Dudeney runner up in the singles championships. Well done to everyone and hereís to a successful 2018.

Dave Dudeney




  Full results and draw sheets can be found here  
  At the weekend we were in Hayling Island for the November Darts Weekend and Sussex Youth once again were looking for a clean sweep and they wasnít going to be disappointed.

In the under 14s Tavis was going for three out of three in his last Under 14s which he managed winning 2-1 in the final.

In the under 18s there was another dominating performance from Sussex Youth, after an all Sussex semi Final with Jack Seymour getting the better of Mays winner a Tavis Dudeney and making his debut Freddie Jackson beating Mays runner up Alex Gurr.

This was Jacks Final Under 18s and wanting to add to his 2015 November and 2016 May Tittles which he duly done winning the final 3-0.

Dave Dudeney


Essex v Sussex

  So second game of the season took us to Essex and on paper arguably our toughest game of the season with some big names in the world of Youth Darts.

First up was Alex Gurr who had a tough game against Jacob Kelly. Itís hard enough going on first but you would of thought so watching it and set the bench mark and set the day with a brilliant MOM 3-0 win with a 26-37.

Next up finally making his debut for Sussex was Jack Seymour and they donít come much tougher than Jack Vincent who recently signed for Target but once again you wouldnít of thought with Mr Seymour cruising to a 3-1 win with a 24-76.

Dan Perry was next to play and after a good scrap sadly Dan lost 3-2 with a 20-51.

That was followed by captain Lewis Gurney who got us back to winning ways with a 3-1 win with a 19.88.

So with one win away from victory it was the turn of Tavis Dudeney who had a tough one against Freddie Francis and once again got his moneyís worth and played all 5 legs and once again won the important 5th leg winning 3-2 with a 22-64.

So with the win in the bag and I believe it was Essexís U18s first defeat in 4 years it was Jack Croft to keep the winning run going which he duly obliged with a good 3-2 win with a 14-42.

Finally playing only his second game for Sussex was Antony Smith who also had a very tough game sadly lost 3-1 to there MOM Jamie Peetoom with a 18-85.

Next up was the Girls hoping to put behind them the disappointment of the first day defeat against Surrey which they were unlucky to do so.

To get them under way was stand in captain PJ Langridge who put in a brilliant Captains batting performance and got the girls of to a good start winning 3-2 with a LOM 15-39.

Next was Jenny Lovegrove who in the first game of the season went off with a 2-0 lead only to loose 3-2. But she wasnít going to make the same mistake again and this time run out a 3-1 win with a 10-28.

So with the win secure it was Ashleigh Turners turn to not only make it a clean sweep but just as importantly get the team result. So after going 2-1 down she dug deep and not only winning 3-2 with a 13-22 but also picking up the Performance Of The Day award.

Once again the U21s started under pressure going into the match already 1 down as yet again only having 4 players. Firstly it was Dennis Bowyer who looked like was going to hold the throw but sadly fell at the last and lost 3-2.

That was followed by Connor Levett who struggled slightly and went down 3-0.

Next up was John Langridge who put up a fight but went down 3-2.

So it was down to captain Harry Jackson to stake a bit of pride which he done wining 3-1 with a 26-54.

To give their player a chance of getting his average we put in Tavis Dudeney who we keep forgetting is still only 13 years of age and won a U21s game 3-0 with a 23+ average

So with another massive team victory we have a bye in November before we travel to London in December. I canít wait.

Dave Dudeney


Sussex v Surrey

  So starts another season and wow what a start.

To get us underway in the Under 18s was Lewis Gurney who we know has been struggling a little of late so going on first probably wasnít the best draw for him but he did very well to win 3-0 to get us of to the best start possible with a 15-18.

Next up was Tavis Dudeney who had a real fight on his hands and thankfully had the throw as all five legs went with throw and battled his way to a 3-2 MOM 22-99 win.

That was followed by debutant Dan Green who was unfortunate to get drawn against Mr Reliant in Tyler Radlett but put in a brilliant performance but went down 3-1.

That was followed by our other debutant Antony Smith who put his nerves to one side for a performance of the day award winning 3-0 win with a 13-66.

Fresh from his trip to Bridlington was Alex Gurr who put in a respectable 3-0 win with a 22-77.

So with the win secured it was the turn of Jack Croft who has come on leaps and bounds and put in a decent shift winning 3-0 which included a fantastic 14 dart third leg with 18-33.

Last but by no means least also fresh from his Bridlington trip was Dan Perry who sealed the 6-1 win with his own 3-0 19-52 win.

So with the Under 18s keeping there unbeaten run going it was the turn of the Girls and first up was Jenny Lovegrove.

Now this season the format for the girls have changed from best of three to the best of five to bring it into line with the rest but how Jenny must of been wishing they had left it alone. After storming into a 2-0 lead she just couldnít quite get over the line and sadly lost 3-2 with a 12-01.

Next up was Ashleigh Turner who didnít mess around and won a Lady Of The match 3-0 with a 12-12.

Finally was PJ Langridge who put in a gusty performance but sadly went down 3-1 with a 12-88.
So with the girls loosing 2-1 but securing the overall team win itís was the turn of the Under 21s who went into the game already under pressure has there was only four of them the position they where in in the first game last season with only four.

First up was Dennis Bowyer who got them off to the start they were looking for winning 3-0 with a 18-11.

Next was Connor Levett who didnít have things his own way and had to fight for his 3-2 win with a 19-85.

That was followed by John Langridge who sadly lost 3-0 with a 12-30.

So after giving a game and loosing a game it was left to Harry Jackson to do a captains job which he as normally he does in put in a MOM 3-1 win with a 21-82.

So with a brilliant 10-5 team win we move on to the end of the month and a tough challenge away to Essex which I know everyone of them will be very much up for.

Dave Dudeney


Message from the Youth Manager

  Well after a very long day, it's time now to reflect on the amazing season our players have had.

From a County point of view the team managed an achievement that will live long in the history of Sussex Youth Darts with the under 18's finishing the season with a 100% record, the Girls doing really well under difficult circumstances and the under 21's only losing 2 games but still won there section and the team going unbeaten and winning section 2.

So on to Lakeside and and the champion of champions and yet again everyone showed true grit and spirit as both teams narrowly lost their first games. The under 21's won their second game then had to hope the last game went there way, which it did. For the under 18's it was a case they knew what they had to do in the last game and they kept their nerve and did the job.

The season finished with Sussex Youth Champions and the under 18's and 21's as the best in the South of England.

On, now, to individual achievements:

Alex Gurr finished top of the averages and winning 8 out of 8 qualifying him for the Winmau World Masters and earning himself an England call up and making the Selsey final again, sadly this time being the runner up.

Dan Perry also winning 8 out of 8 and winning the Youth Tour 2 at Wolverhampton claiming his place in The Winmau World Masters.

Becky King finishing top of the averages, wining 8 out of 8, becoming Ladies Champion, qualifying for the Winmau World Masters and World Pro qualifier and establishing herself in the senior team and winning best newcomer award.

Both Becky and PJ Langridge winning The Lakeside pairs.

Harry Jackson establishing his place in the senior team, also winning best newcomer.

Alex, Dan, Lewis and Becky getting selected to represent Team South in the North v South match and as we were there and both reserves being used Tavis getting a game for Team South.

In November at Hayling Island all-Sussex youth Finals with Tavis winning the under 14 and Zack runner up, Dan Perry winning the under 18 with Lewis Gurney runner up.

Then in May Tavis retaining the under 14's title then going on to win the under 18's Title with Alex Gurr runner up.

Tavis currently ranked 2nd in the JDC Tour and almost certainly booking his place in their World Championships in December and Runner up in the Youth Championship.

Ashleigh Turner who at Lakeside played her first major tournament and got as far as the quarter finals.

I think it's safe to say we have a fantastic array of talent in everyone not just the ones that have been mentioned but each and every member of the team and if we carry on the way we are and all the players stick with it the I think it's safe to say Sussex Darts has a very healthy future.

Dave Dudeney, Manager

Sussex Youth End Season on a High

So another season comes to a close and we all can look back with pride at what has been a brilliant season and a great team effort.

Our last game of the season was home to Hampshire and you could have forgiven the team for relaxing after we had won both under 18 and under 21 sections but no there was still the business of the under 18's and the team keeping its 100% record for the season and the way we started it was obvious they meant business. First up was Dan Perry who was himself going for 8 out of 8 which he made certain by winning 3-0 with a impressive MOM 25-91. Next up was was captain Lewis Gurney who had a tough match against Jack Seymour and they fought toe to toe with Lewis coming out on top with a Performance of the Day game winning 3-2 with a 22-21. Next was Zach Luke who won 3-1 with a 14-94. That was followed by Freddie Jackson who won 3-1 with a 15-62. So with 4 wins rattled of pretty smartly it was down to Tavis Dudeney to wrap up the win for the team which he did winning 3-1 with a 21-38. So with the win and 100% record sealed it was Alex Gurr's turn to keep the winning streak going which he did with another 3-1 and a 21-15 and like Dan marking 8 out of 8 for the season. Last up was Jack Croft who sadly couldn't make it a magnificent 7 but put in a good performance losing 3-0 with a 17-40.

Next up was the Girls who were overdue a win and hoping to make it 50% for the season. To get us on our way was PJ Langridge who got the Girls of  to a winning start winning 2-0 with a 13-73. She was followed by debutant Ashleigh Turner who put in a very good performance but sadly went down 2-1 with a 12-91. Finally playing her last game was Becky King who didn't disappoint winning 2-0 with a LOM 18-56 and also joining the hall of fame by making it 8 out of 8 for the season.

Finally it was the under 21's that saw 4 players playing their last games. First of those was Jake Emery who put in a good fight but sadly lost 3-2 with a 16-58. Next was the ever present Tom Telford also playing his last game and also couldn't sign off with a win going down 3-1 with a 16-28. Next was the odd one out Dennis Bowyer who still has plenty of years left and once again gaining MOM winning 3-2 with a 21-36. Next saying his farewells was Chris Lovegrove who also couldn't say good bye on a winning note going down 3-0 with a 10-30. Finally it was George Penning who made it a clean sweep of players saying good bye with a defeat losing 3-1 with a 18-56. So with the Under 21s suffering there heaviest defeat of the season but they can be forgiven.

Overall the County won 9-6 making 8 out of 8 for the season.

That just left the end of season awards and the winners were:

Alex Gurr Under 18s Player Of the Season
Becky King Under 21 Girls Player of the Season
Harry Jackson Under 21s Player of the Season
Dan Perry Best Newcomer of the Season
Tavis Dudeney Most Improved Player of the Season
Becky King Players Player of the Season

And just left the presentation to those leaving us and they were Becky King, Jake Emery, George Penning, Tom Telford, and Chris Lovegrove. I would like to say a very big thank you to all of them for their services to Sussex Youth and wish them all the very best in the future.

Once again congratulations to each and everyone of you for such a fantastic season and you have made the whole of Sussex very proud of you. Well done.

Dave Dudeney

Tavis Dudeney Does the Double at Hayling Island

Our congratulations go to Tavis Dudeney on winning two youth events in the Mill Rythe Spring Festival at Hayling Island.

In the U14 event Tavis beat Louie Lacey in the final, achieving an average of 27.08 in doing so. In the U18 event, the runner-up was Sussex Youth's Alex Gurr.

Sussex Youth Take U18 and U21 Titles

With a game still to be played, the Sussex Youth Under 18 and Under 21 teams cannot be overtaken so have won their respective Section 2 Championships. 

Congratulations to all the players and to the management team of Dave Dudeney and Bridget Guilford.

The current tables can be seen here.

Surrey v Sussex Match Report

Sunday 30th April saw Sussex Youth away to Surrey Youth for our penultimate game of the season hoping to keep our 100% record in tact. To get us on our way was Jack Croft fresh from his win from the last game raced in to a 2-0 lead but was pegged back to 2-2 but kept his nerve and clinched the win with a 16-25. Next up was Dan Perry who had a potential banana skin game but done a solid professional job winning 3-0 with a 17-89. Freddie Jackson sadly couldn't keep the unbeaten start going, going down 3-1 with a 16-74. Tavis Dudeney got us back to winning ways with a 3-0, 17-68 win. So with one more win needed to keep the 100% record going till the last game and possibly giving us the under 18 championship up step Zach Luke and after 4 tense legs put in a brilliant 5th leg gaining him the Performance Of The Day award and a 3-2 victory with a 17-15. So with the win it was time to relax you would think, not when it's Tyler Radlett v Lewis Gurney you can't and although the score line suggested a one sided game it couldn't be further from the truth. As normal it was a good battle which Tyler won 3-0 his average was 21-78 and Lewis with a 21-30. Last but not least Alex Gurr who won 3-0 with a MOM 21-78.

Next up was the Girls with PJ Langridge first on who put in a good performance but her opposite number was too strong with her finishing and sadly PJ went down 2-0 with a respectable 13-80. Next was Jenny Lovegrove who again put in a shift but didn't quite get over the line losing 2-1 with a 9-91. Finals once again it was Becky King doing a captains job winning 2-0 with LOM 17.28.

So with the Girls losing 2-1 it was the turn of the U21 Men to try and keep there 100% record going and the Team needing 2 more wins to keep the Team 100% record going do no pressure on Dennis Bowyer to kick us off. Well since we put him up from U 18s to U 21s he certainly has enjoyed it and once again put in a MOM 3-0 with a 22-77, so with one more win needed for the team result up stepped Connor Levett who duly obliged winning 3-0 with a 21-17. So with the team result in the bag it was now full steam ahead to secure the section victory and the last remaining 100% record to defend so next up was George Penning who wasn't firing on all cylinders and went down 3-1 16-28. Unfortunately the same could be said about Connor Scutt who was Harry Jacksons opponent who playing his last game for Surrey U 21s won 3-0 with a 28-90, Harry played well his average was 23.88 but I think even a lot of our seniors would have ended up with the same result. Last game up was Jake Emery who put played well dug in but sadly lost 3-2?with a 18-22.

Despite the set back I'm sure the championship is secure but we won't be taking anything for granted going into our final game of the season at home to Hampshire especially after witnessing what Sussex Seniors did to Merseyside.  In case you don't know, Merseyside visited Clubcue for the final game of the season celebrating promotion to Div 2 as they had a 15 point lead over Sussex who were in third and needing a big win to over take them for second. Come Sunday afternoon it was Sussex celebrating promotion.

Sussex v Kent Match Report

Sunday 19th March saw Sussex Youth at home to Kent for another very important match in our quest for the tittle and for the U18s and U21s to keep there 100% records in tact.

To get the day off to the start we wanted was Lewis Gurney who found the form we know he's capable of winning 3-1 with a 22-09. Next getting a last minute call up was Jack Croft who put in the Performance of the Day winning 3-1 with a 17-59. Then we had Freddie Jackson who put in a shift but could hit those all important doubles and went down 3-1 with a 16-13. Getting back on the winning trail was Zach Luke who played brilliantly winning 3-2 with a 20-60. Next up was Alex Gurr who got the all important win, winning 3-1 with a 19-15. So with the win safe it was the turn of Dan Perry who finally had the game he deserved and it was good to see the Dan we know winning with a superb MOM performance 3-0 with a 25-91. To round things off was Tavis Dudeney winning 3-0 with a 19-78.

So with a healthy 6-1 lead it was the turn of the girls who to be fair have been under a lot of pressure this season with mainly just the three of them and under the circumstances I think have done very well and all three put in a batting performance. First up was Becky King who although struggled to find her form still got a LOM 2-0 win with a 9-54. Next was Jenny Lovegrove who played well but lost 2-0 with a 10-33. Finally it was the turn of PJ Langridge who again played well but lost 2-0 with a 13-91.

So with the overall score standing at 7-3 it was down to the U21s to get the over all result and also try and keep there 100% record going. First it was Tom Telford who sadly lost 3-2 with a 15-38. Next was Dennis Bowyer being promoted from the U18s and making his debut in the U21s and you could say tool it like a duck yo water winning 3-2 with a MOM 21-47. So with the overall result in the bag it was now full steam ahead with the section victory. Harry Jackson in arguably the match of the day when down 3-2 with a 24-23. Next up Jake Emery who got us in with a fighting chance winning 3-2 with a 17-04. So with the score at 4-4 it was down to Connor Levett to secure the win. It wasn't pretty but it was the result that was the important thing and it showed. After a good toe-to-toe scrap and Connor came out on top winning 3-2 with a 19-71.

Once again everyone showed brilliant team spirit and not for the first time this season don't know when they are beat and dig deep to find that little bit extra to get the victory they all deserve.

Dave Dudeney

Sussex v Middlesex Youth

Sunday 26th February saw Middlesex visit Clubcue for the start of the second half of season. After a brilliant first half of the season it was important to keep heads and minds focused and keep the good run going. To kick the day off it was Freddie Jackson who had the pleasure of the first game and put in a solid performance running out a 3-0 winner with a 12-96. Next up was Dan Perry who didn't disappoint again winning 3-0 with a 16-70. Alex Gurr kept his brilliant run of form this season yet again putting in MOM 3-0 win with a 21-47. Keeping the perfect start going and clinching the U18s section, Lewis Gurney won 3-0 with a 16-26. Next was Dennis Bowyer who put in a brilliant battling performance but went down 3-2 with a 20-81. Both players played brilliantly and better than the average suggests as under pressure both players struggled with doubles in the deciding leg but it earned Dennis the Performance of the Day award. Zack Luke was next and was unlucky because although he played well he went down 3-0 because he couldn't buy a double which we all know far too well. Concluding the U18s was Tavis Dudeney who after a shaky first leg run out a 3-1 winner with a 16-81.

Next was the girls and back to a full team and trying to get over the disappointment of their first defeat away to Hampshire last time out. First up was Becky King who struggled slightly but managed to win and get LOM with a 2-1, 13-45 win, next was Jenny Lovegrove who had her chances but just couldn't get that all important double and lost 2-0 with a 8.29. Finally, up stepped PJ Langridge who like Jenny played well but couldn't get that dreaded double and lost 2-0 with a 9-86.

So, with it finely poised at 6-4 overall it was up to the U21s to keep their good run of form going and to keep the teams 100% record intact. First up was Jake Emery who got us off the perfect start batting hard to win 3-2 with a 18-02. That was followed by Connor Levett who stormed into a 2-0 lead then just missed out on winning 3-0 and as it turned out was the pivotal point in the game as it gave his opponent the momentum to claw his way back and sadly Connor went down 3-2 with a 19-96. Next was Chris Lovegrove making his debut in the U21s in his last season who stayed with his opponent all the time but like what seemed the theme of the day and struggled on the doubles and lost 3-1 with a 10-64. Still needing that one game for the overall result and to give the U21s the chance of victory it was captain Harry Jackson to get us back on track and he didn't disappoint winning 3-1 with a MOM 22-09. So, with the team win in the bag it was down to George Penning to secure the win for the U21s and like Harry did the business winning 3-0 with a 20-31.

So, another great victory in the bag and with our friends from Surrey getting a brilliant win against Kent, if we keep our minds on the job in hand it's looking to be a very good season.

Dave Dudeney

Hampshire v Sussex Youth

Today we played the last game of the first half of the season and possibly our biggest test to date away to Hampshire hoping we could come and dominate like we did in November in their home competition at Hayling Island when it was an all Sussex final in both the U14s and U18s.

Denis Bowyer got us of to a good start with a 3-0, 17-28 win that was followed up by Performance of the Day 3-2 win for Dan Perry who battled hard against a very good John Smith with a 22-06. Next up was Zack Luke who went down 3-1 with a 19-73. Next it was Captain Lewis Gurney who got us back on winning ways with a 3-1, 21-26. That was followed by Alex Gurr who won the U18s match 3-0 with a MOM 24-24. Then Tavis suffered his first defeat in a year going down 3-1 with a 21-72. Finally it was Jack Croft who went down 3-1, 12-82. So the U18s keep there 100% record intact with a 4-3 win.

Next up were the Girls who were up against it from the start as sadly we only had 2 girls. First up was Becky King who done a captains job winning 2-0 and a LOM 18-56. That was followed by PJ Langridge who put up a good fight but sadly lost her first game of the season 2-1 with a 11-45.

So with the Girls suffering there first defeat of the season it was the turn of the U21s with the overall score all square at 5-5. For the first game we saw the return of Connor Levett who slotted in like he had never been away winning 3-0 with a 22-10, that was followed by a battling George Penning who held his nerve and scrapped a 3-2, 16.03. Then we had the ever present Jake Emery who sealed the win with a 3-1, 19-08 win, next it was Captain Harry Jackson who put in a MOM 3-1, 24-66 win. Finally it was Tommy Sykes who had a tough battle that could of gone either way but sadly lost 3-2 with a 19.26.

When they came to us for the last game last season everyone were congratulating us for a historic win against them now we have won on their turf and have come away with a convincing win. Well done everyone - it was an excellent team performance and very well supported. WELL DONE!

Dave Dudeney

Sussex v Surrey Youth

Well we have played our last county game for 2016 and we have finished the year on a high. Another great win over a better Surrey team than we have faced in recent years.

The under 18ís got us off to a good start with a 5-2 win starting with Dan Perry who dug deep to win 3-2 with a 21-07. Next up was Jack Croft who put in a good performance but sadly went down 3-2 with a 14-87. Zach Luke got us back on winning terms with a 3-0, 17-08 win. Alex Gurr put in a MOM 22-34, 3-1 win. With the finish line in sight we had possibly the game everyone wanted to see Lewis Gurney v Tyler Radlett but it was a case of both players showing each other to much respect and Lewis went down 3-0 with a 19-11. Next up to get us over the line was Tavis Dudeney winning 3-0 with a 19-52. The match was wrapped up with a nice 3-1 win for Dennis Bowyer with a 18-45.

So with the under 18ís keeping their 100% start to the season intact it was time for the girls to do the same. First was Jenny Megan Lovegrove who put up a good fight but sadly went down 2-0 with a 10-11. Then it was up to PJ Langridge to get the girls on level terms and she didn't disappoint coming through 2-1 with a 10-05. So, it was down to Becky King to do a captainís job, which she did after a slight scare, going 1-0 down before turning it around to get a LOM 15-41, 2-1 win.

That's the under 18ís and the girls keeping their unbeaten start to the season. No pressure on the under 21ís to do the same. To start proceedings was team captain Tom Telford who went down 3-1 with a 14-12. George Penning was next who dug in well to not only win 3-2 with a 20-73 but also picking up the performance of the day award and sealing the team victory. That was followed by a brilliant MOM performance from Tommy Sykes who won 3-0 with a 22-77. The 21ís perfect start was wrapped up by Jake Emery getting back to winning ways with a 3-1, 18-87 win. The day was continued with Harry Jackson doing a captainís job winning 3-1 win with a 20-04.

Not only are we growing stronger match by match but no one knows when to give up. There has been so many great and gritty performances from every single player and you all dig deep and don't know when youíre beaten and you all keep fighting till that last dart is thrown. Despite what's said about support I can see what a brilliant team spirit we have and on the County stage you are all fighting together and fighting as a team. I know I keep saying it but on behalf of myself, Bridget and all the parents who come and help and support we are all very proud of each and every one of you.
So that just leaves me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and successful New Year.

Dave Dudeney

Kent v Sussex Youth

Wow what a great day at darts after the mauling of Middlesex last month a more testing game was expected against Kent who did the double over us last season.

To get the day underway was Dan Perry playing his second game for us and has obviously settled in very quickly with his second win 3-1 with a 20-71. In the next two games the Under 18ís suffered their first two defeats of the season with Freddie Jackson going down 3-2 with a 14.82 and Zach Luke losing 3-1 with a 17-12. Lewis Gurney evened things up winning 3-1 with a 21-59 that was followed by a MOM performance by Alex Gurr winning 3-0 with a 24-24 then Tavis Dudeney put the Under 18ís result to bed by winning 3-1 with a 16-31. Sadly, Dennis Bowyer could not repeat his debut win going down 3-2 with a 17-32.

So, with the scores at 4-3 it was time for the girls and first up was Jenny Lovegrove looking for her first win of the season but sadly it wasn't to be, losing out 2-0 with a 7-79. Next up Becky King who got her second LOM winning 2-0 with a 13-75. With the scores at 1-1 it's was down to PJ Langridge to win it for the girls and push closer to the finishing line and after a nail-biting game PJ won 2-1 with a 11-00 and with it, seeing the importance of the game, the Performance of the Day award.

At 6-4 it was down to the Under 21ís who got off to a good start thanks to George Penning, who won 3-1 with a 18-49. That was followed by Harry Jackson winning 3-0 with a 22-43 and sealing the overall result for Sussex, but we still needed one more for the U21ís win. Next was Tommy Sykes who sadly lost 3-2, then Brandon Dickens who was making his debut for Sussex. The original plan was to settle him in in the U18ís but because of the shortage of Under 21ís attending matches, I had no choice but to drop him in the deep end and play him in the U21s. Settling in, deep end? You wouldn't have thought so if you saw the match-winning 3-1 with a MOM 22-45 and victory for the Under 21ís. In the last game, after a good fight, sadly Jake Emery just missed out going down 3-2 with a 20-23.

With two matches played and a 100% start for all three sections, next month we have a bye but hopefully we might be putting something on. Watch this space! Then it's December and our first home game of the season which by then we will have two more making their debuts- well one debutant and one home coming.

Dave Dudeney

Middlesex v Sussex Youth

Sunday 25th September saw the start of the County Youth Season and Sussex had an away trip to Middlesex. One of the main changes for this season is in the U18s, with the number of players cut from 9 to 7 and each game changed from best of 3 to best of 5. We also have a few additions to the team for the coming season. In the U18's we have Dan Perry, Dennis Bowyer, and Brandon Dickens who sadly couldn't make it and for the U21's Lewis Barcley joins the team.

First up for the U18's was Freddie Jackson who arguably had one of the toughest games being first on not only for the day but of the season and he truly obliged with a great 3-0 win and an impressive 20.04 average. Next we had our first debutant, Mr Dan Perry. Another tough game that must have seemed even tougher for Dan, playing his first game for his new team. It turned into a real good battle as Dan went off into a 2-0 lead but his opponent, Owen Cuthbert, playing in his first County game, came back strongly to make it 2-2. In the end experience showed and Dan won 3-2 with an average of 19.98 average.

Next on was Alex Gurr winning 3-0 with a 22-10 followed by Tavis Dudeney who dropped the only other leg of the U18's match, winning 3-1 with an 18.88 average.

Next up was debutant Dennis Bowyer winning 3-0 with a 17.28 average, followed by Zach Luke winning 3-0 with a 15.34 average and in the final game, the new U18's captain, Lewis Gurney, doing a captains job with a MoM 3-0 win and a brilliant 25-47.

After a great demolition job by the U18's we only needed one more win for the overall fixture win. That job was left to lady's captain Becky King who also had the extra pressure of kicking off a championship defending season but as normal, Becky took it in her stride winning 2-0 and taking the LoM award with an 18-22 average. PJ Langridge with a 9.45 but sadly we lost our first game of the day with Jenny Lovegrove going down 2-0 with a 6-96. So a great 2-1 win for the girls making the overall score 9-1.

Then we had the U21's and as we had included Lewis Barcley in the draw and he didn't make it to the venue we gave them the first game but to give a game we put in our spare, U18 Jack Croft, who played really well but lost 3-1 with a 15.79 average. After that we didn't look back and won the remaining 4 games with wins for Tommy Sykes playing his first U21's game winning 3-0 with a 16.70, then Jake Emery with a 3-0 MoM award winning 23.48 average. George Penning then won 3-0 with a 21.47 and finally Tom Telford 3-1 with an 18.60.

A very impressive 13-2 start to the season and I've got a feeling this wasn't a one off as we have (1), a very good squad and (2), a brilliant team morale. This is going to be a very good season.

Dave Dudeney


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